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How to use social media in your job search

A recent survey found that 80% of jobs are found through networking. The good news is with the advent of social media it is much easier to network with a larger number of people than ever before. But how do you use social media in your job search?

1. Be on your best (social media) behavior.

70% of employers surveyed recently said they use social media to screen employees. Keep anything you post online during your job search "grandma proof."

2. Share your contact information on social media.

Make sure you have a way for potential employers to contact you in your social media profile. Make your email address or phone number public.

3. Keep your Linkedin profile uptodate.

Linkedin is THE social media platform for job searching. Make sure your profile is uptodate and your posts and likes reflect the type of work you are looking for. This is the first place that potential employers will look for you.

4. Expand your Linkedin network.

Connect with everyone you know on Linkedin. Connect with current and former colleagues, connect with friends, connect with people you know through hobbies. Make the connection before you need them. Change the generic welcome message Linkedin sends to something more personal.

5. Reach out to people you know when you have applied for a job.

When you apply for a job, find out who you know at that company and reach out to them. Ask them about the company, ask them about the job, and if appropriate ask them to put in a good word for you.

6. Optimize your Linkedin SEO.

Just as you want to optimize webpages so they can be found by search engines, you want to optimize your Linkedin profile so recruiters can find you. Make sure any keywords a potential employer might use to find you are in your Linkedin profile.

7. Reconnect with people.

If you are just starting your job search, reconnect with people you already know. Rebuild bridges and let them know you are looking for a new opportunity.

8. Make the appropriate parts of your social media profile public.

Social media sites make it very easy for you to pick and choose what information is public and what information only friends can see. If your social media profile isn't 100% safe for work, make limited (safe) bits public. Even if a potential employer can't see everything, its still good for them to be able to find you.

A career coach can help you make the most of social media in your job search.

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