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How to write a 140 character resume

89% of companies use social networking for recruiting. Boiling your resume down to 140 characters allows you to leverage your social media summary as a marketing tool in your job search. It also forces you to be incredibly succinct and makes you focus on the most important points. Once you have your 140 character resume you can use it on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and even Myspace if you are so inclined!

Just write first.

Start by just writing and not worrying too much about the 140 character limit. You can trim your text once you have your starting point. If you already have an elevator pitch you can use that as your starting point.

Then trim.

Eliminate personal pronouns. Use strong verbs and an absolute minimum of adverbs. Avoid "university words". Almost every big word in English has a shorter word that means the same thing. Use it instead. Eliminate the introduction and cut straight to the chase. Use punctuation like exclamation points to eliminate words.


IT leader with passion for people & technology. Builds & manages teams.Excels in systems support & administration, training & documentation.

A career coach can help you with your resume.

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