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Networking for introverts

Do you prefer spending time alone? Would you rather not be the center of attention? Do you need time to think Would you rather work in silence?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you are probably an introvert.

In psychology introversion and extroversion refers to where people get their energy from. For introverts social interaction drains their energy. Extroverts on the other hand gain energy from social interactions. Introverted doesn't mean shy or anti-social incidentally. Introverts like people, they just get tired if they spend too much time with groups of people.

A recent survey found that up to 80% of jobs were found through networking. So, how can you network as an introvert?

Network online

Do as much networking on your computer as possible. Make a super LinkedIn profile. Send emails. Reach out to people over social media. 

Network one on one

The more people an introvert has to be around the more tiring they find it. So, when you do network in person, try and meet one on one. Meet people for coffee. Meet over lunch. Pick quiet places to meet.

Bring a friend to large events

If you go to large events like job fairs, bring a friend. This will put you at ease walking in. Have someone you know with you so you can retreat to them after each conversation.

Follow up by email after meeting in real life

When you do have impromptu networking conversations, follow up with them after by email. Introverts are often "reflectors" and have more thoughts about what to say after the meeting. Follow up with an email reminding them about your conversation and add your additional thoughts.


Think about what you want to say before hand. Do as much thinking before you network as possible. Know how you are going to start the conversation and have an elevator pitch so you know what you want to say in the conversation.

Go fully energized

Networking is going to tire you out so make sure you start with a full tank of gas. Get a good nights sleep the night before. Eat a good meal before you go and take snack. Lastly, if you are networking for longer than an hour give yourself quiet breaks. Go outside by yourself for 10 minutes.

A career coach can offer strategies to help with networking.

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