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Why people aren't offered the job

"We regret to inform you that you have not been selected for this position." The words no job seeker wants to read. But why aren't people offered the job?

Not "selling" themselves.

In one survey, 67% of hiring managers say candidates are not offered a position because they don't differentiate themselves from others. If you want to get a job you need to make sure they interviewer walks away knowing why you are capable of doing the job. People generally don't like to "brag" but an interview is one time you must. Don't lie but don't undersell yourself either. Take full credit for your accomplishments.

Another survey found 64% of interviewees fail to relate their past experience to the current job opportunity. Spend some time preparing for the job interview. Look through the job description and write down past accomplishments that prove you can do the job you are applying for. Use the C.A.R. format. Context. Action. Result. What was the background situation? What did you do? What was the end result.

Not making it about "them."

Whilst you may be the one in the hot seat in an interview, it's not about you, it's about them. One study found that 54% of candidates are not offered the position because they focus too much on what they want. "I want flexible hours." "I want complete autonomy." "I want a big pay check." Companies don't hire people to help them out, they hire people because the company has a problem that needs to be solved. Frame your answers in terms of how you can help them.

Following on from that, 56% of interviewers say they wouldn't offer someone a job if they didn't show enough interest in the company or excitement for the position. Make sure the interviewer walks away knowing you want THAT job not just ANY job. Convey why you think their company is special. Show that you are passionate about your field of work.

Not preparing for the interview.

53% of interviewers say they wouldn't offer a person the position if it looked like they were "winging" the interview. Take time to prepare for the interview. Research the company, it's history, and what it does. Find out about the job you are applying for. Bring a copy of your resume to your interview. Prepare answers to common questions.

Make sure you are a goldilocks candidate. Not over qualified but not under qualified for the job either. 46% of hiring managers wouldn't offer the job to a person who wasn't qualified enough. Frame your answers so they know you are capable of doing the job you are applying for but not so capable that you will be bored and leave in 3 months.

The answer to the question "do you have any questions for us" is always "yes." 41% of HR professionals say they wouldn't offer a person the job if they didn't ask enough, or the right questions. Take some time before your interview to write out some questions you want to ask. Ask what a typical day in the position is like. Ask what the team or companies biggest challenge is right now. Ask what the perfect candidate would look like. Ask about the managers style. Ask if it is a new or replacement position. 

Not connecting with the interviewer

49% of interviews said they wouldn't offer the position to a candidate who wasn't able to connect to them. Look them in the eye. Laugh at their jobs. Find common ground. If you went to the same school  - tell them. If you worked at the same company before - tell them. If you both like the same sports team - tell them. If you both have kids - tell them. Find something in common. Speak their language. Use the same words as them.

Interviews are a serious and professional interaction however 33% of hiring managers say they wouldn't offer a job to someone who lacks humor, warmth, or personality. Relax a little, do circular breathing before you walk in. Smile. Use humor appropriately.

Not taking a shower.

56% of recruiters say they wouldn't offer a job to someone with body odor. Take a shower! Use soap! Wash behind your ears!

Now you know some of the common reasons people don't get offered the job you can go to your interview prepared to counter them.

A career coach can help you prepare for an interview.

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