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The (statistically) perfect resume

It is impossible to create the "perfect" resume because every hiring situation is slightly different. However there has been a lot of research in to resumes over the years so we have a good idea of what most hiring managers and recruiters are looking for.

Relevant experience.

67% of recruiters look for job experience on a resume. In one survey 68.7% of resume errors involved missing accomplishments. If you have relevant experience for the position you are applying for - put it on your resume! 41% of hiring managers also said they want skill sets listed first on a resume.

Soft skills

62% of employers are specifically looking for your soft skills on your resume. Make sure they are listed on your resume! In another survey 93% of employers said they consider soft skills an “essential” or “very important” factor in hiring decisions. Another 60% of hiring managers stated they look for cultural fit on the resume. Do some research on the company and make sure to word your resume in a way that conveys you would fit in at the company.

Tailored applications

63% of Recruiters said they want resumes tailored to the open position. 40% said they want to see cover letters. 22% stated they wanted the application to be addressed to the hiring manager. In another survey hiring managers stated that 54% of resumes were rejected because they weren’t tailored. In the same survey hiring managers said 45% of applications were rejected for because they didn't have a cover letter. Spend the time to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for - it will make you stand out as a candidate. Interestingly 16% of hiring managers said they wanted to see links to personal blogs and websites in an application,


63% of recruiters said they would reject a resume with spelling mistakes in it. A survey found that 80% of resumes errors came from mistakes in former job experience descriptions. 75% employers said they have caught a lie on a resume. Make sure to take the time to check your resume for errors before submitting it. 

A career coach can help your with resume writing.

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