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4 tips for job searching in a recession

The economy is generally cyclical. In fact since the 1960's the US economy has experienced a recession on average every 6.1 years. (A recession being defined as 2 quarters of decline in the countries GDP.) So there is a good chance that at some point in your career you will need to job search in a down economy. Here are 4 tips that can help with job searching in a recession.

1. Target recession resistant industries

Look for jobs in industries that generally aren't affected by economic downturns.
  • Consumer goods (hygiene products like toothpaste, toilet paper soap.)
  • Health care (especially senior care.)
  • “Sin” industries (alcohol, tobacco, candy.)
  • Death services.
  • Federal government.

2. Network

80% of all jobs are landed because of some form of networking. Networking is all about contacting, connecting and contributing. That is actually reaching out to people. Building a relationship based on common ground. Then helping them in some way. Read more about networking here.

3. Highlight revenue 

Make a point to accentuate the financial portion of your accomplishments. Articulate how much money you made or saved the company in your cover letter, resume and in interviews.

4. Be flexible.

Be open to different kinds of work. Consider freelancing and temp jobs. Move where the work is. It's easier to get a job when you have a job (any job) and any income is better than no income!

A career coach can help you job search in a recession.

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