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How to use a job board in your job search

If you a looking for a job on the internet you will usually find positions posted in one of two places - a company website or a job board. Job boards post many positions from many companies and are free for the candidate to use. Some of the biggest job boards are,,,  and On the surface a job board would seem to be the best place to look for jobs.

How do job boards make their money?

Job boards make their money by charging companies to post their jobs and by charging recruiters a fee to be able to search resumes. Job boards are often used by smaller companies who don't have an in-house applicant tracking system and larger companies who want to find a larger candidate pool than just visitors to their own website. Job boards usually require the candidate to create a profile and upload a copy of their resume.

What are the pros and cons of using a job board?

The big pro of using a job board is a job seeker can search many job listings in one place. Another pro of using a job board is you can set up email notifications for new job postings. Statistically the sooner you can apply for a position the greater your chances of having your application seen. The big con of applying for a position on a job board is it is one of the least effective ways to get a job. In fact a recent survey from PBS found just 1.2% of people got a job via a job board. By posting your resume on a job board you are also more likely to be contacted by contract recruiters - which can be a pro and a con depending on the position the recruiter is trying to find candidates for.

How should you use a job board in your job search?

I recommend using job boards to find positions but only apply for the job on a job board if there is no where else to apply. Once you find a position go look on the companies website to see if the position is posted there. In my experience candidates who apply through the companies own website and applicant tracking system are more likely to have their resume viewed. If you do have to apply through the job board, find a way to reach out to someone at the company to let them know you have applied. Use Linkedin to try and find common connections in the company or HR or Recruiting employees. Send them an email with a copy of your resume and cover letter re-iterating how interested you are in the position. Lastly, if you have to apply for a job through a job board make a copy of the job description because it may not be up still when you go in for an interview.

A career coach can help with job search strategies.

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