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How to take your age out of the equation when applying for jobs

If you are over 50 you might be concerned about age discrimination when applying for jobs. Age is considered a "protected class" under employment law so companies shouldn't exclude a candidate solely on this. Unconscious bias is real however so you may want to just take your age out of the equation when applying for jobs.

Work experience.
Only include dates for your last 15 years of work experience. Create a "Prior Work Experience" section on your resume and just list the company name, location and job title. Leave out any dates or further details. Recruiters only spend 7 seconds looking at a resume so the summary, skills and last two positions should be enough information to prove you are a great candidate for the position anyway.

Do not list graduation dates with your education. This is irrelevant anyway. You can also mention your education level in your summary to highlight your studies without highlighting when you studied. 

Choose an honest but more youthful photo for your profile picture. Linkedin profiles with profiles are much more successful than those without so it is still a good idea to include a photo, just make sure it doesn't count against you. Only include the last 15 years of work experience in your Linkedin profile. In most cases that will give enough data to show the recruiter you have the relevant experience for the position.

Concentrate on highlighting your skills, achievements and transferable skills over your age. Avoid using the phrase "20+ years of experience" anywhere 1. Resume must clearly showcase transferable skills and achievements. Remember your experience is an asset to many companies and will count in your favor on your job application.

A career coach can help you create a resume and Linkedin profile that highlights your experience over your age.

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