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Should you send a "Good Bye" email?

"Parting is such sweet sorrow" - William Shakespeare.

Should you send a "Good Bye" email?

It's your last day at work? Perhaps you have found a new opportunity. Perhaps you were laid off or made redundant. Perhaps you were fired. The question is - should you send a "Good Bye" email? The answer is an unequivocal yes! This is your last chance to make a good impression with your (soon to be former) colleagues. It's also an ideal opportunity to plant some networking seeds. Whether you are leaving a job you hate or a job you love, take this opportunity to strengthen your network.

What should you say in a "Good Bye" email?

First and foremost thank everyone for everything they have done for you over the years. Secondly, take the opportunity to compliment your colleagues. Both these things will plant the memory that you are a good person. This will go a long away in the future if you ever need a reference or some networking assistance. Lastly, if you are leaving without another job lined up, take this opportunity to ask for help.

Do not, however tempting (or true) it may be, say anything negative in your "Good Bye" email. No matter how true it may be, it will only damage your network and may well hinder your chances of getting a new job in the future.

Example email.

Hi Everyone,

Today is my last day at COMPANY after X great years. I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with so many talented colleagues in my time here.

I plan to explore opportunities in AREA moving forward. If you know anyone I could speak to about this I would love to connect with them.

Please stay in touch. My email address is EMAIL.

Best regards,


A career coach can help you with networking strategies.

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