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How to write a networking email that gets a response


At some point in your job search you may need to write an email to someone you kind of know asking for help. Perhaps you want them to introduce you to someone at the company. Perhaps you want them to put in a good work for your application. Perhaps you are looking for insight to the hiring process.So how do you write a networking email that gets results?

Use a friendly tone.

You are leveraging a human relationship so use a friendly tone in your email. Write like you would talk to them in person. Avoid being too formal.

Personalize the message

Avoid sending boilerplate, generic messages. These stand out like a sore thumb. Ask how their family is. Reference a shared interest. Above all, make sure you convey that you appreciate anything they can do to help.

Make it easy to say yes

First of all, make your request. very clear. Rather than just saying "I want to pick your brain" tell them "I would love to get your advice about transitioning to a being manager".

Next, make "how" they can help you easy to say yes to. Don't give them several options or ask them to make a suggestion. Instead say "are you available for a 15 minute phone at 2.00pm on Tuesday?"

A career coach can help you with networking strategies.

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