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Should you use an automated resume creation tool?

If you are out of work, hiring a professional to write your resume can see like a big expenses. Sites like and will create a nice looking resume for you for free. So should you use an automated resume creation tool? 

A resume can fail a candidate for one of two reasons. The first is that it is too hard to read. No matter how good the content, a poorly laid out resume will make it hard for the recruiter to glean the useful information about you. From this perspective using an automated tool to create a well formatted resume can be beneficial.

The second reason that a resume can fail a candidate is that it is not persuasive. You can have a really well laid out resume but if what is written in it doesn't persuade the recruiter that you are a good candidate for the job, it doesn't really matter. Most resumes I see as a career coach simply list job responsibilities as described in the persons job description. This really doesn't tell the recruiter very much and it certainly doesn't sell you as a candidate. One of my son's responsibilities technically is to tidy his bedroom every day. This doesn't happy though! The recruiter wants proof that you will be able to help the company achieve its goals. The way you convey this is by putting relevant accomplishments and skills in your resume. I find many people struggle to be able to articulate their own accomplishments. They are afraid of "bragging." I also find people find it difficult to clearly describe their accomplishments. I frequently see three paragraph summaries in a resume that don't say anything at all!

The layout of a resume matters. The words in the resume matter more. This is where the value of a professional resume writer comes in. A professional resume writer has the skills and experience to convey your work history in a compelling way. A recent resume I worked on was one of 4 people out of 600 who were picked for an interview. And this person hadn't worked in that job function before. This is what you are paying for. An automated resume creation tool will make a nice looking resume for you but unless you have the right words in it, it doesn't matter!

A career coach can help you create a resume that will sell you to a recruiter.

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