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Words to remove from your resume

When I am reviewing peoples resumes the single biggest problem I see is they use weak words or words that don't really say anything. These words are passive and they don't help sell you to the Recruiter or hiring manager. Here are some of the most common words that should be removed from a resume.


Just because you are responsible for something, doesn't mean you actually did it. My son is responsible for tidying his bedroom every night before bed - but that doesnt always happen! Instead of "responsible" say "coordinated," "executed," "implemented, "maximized" or "produced." These words convey that you were just responsible for, but you actually did.

Hard worker

Everybody is going to say they are a hard worker. This is one of those phrases that are used on a resume that don't actually mean anything. Replace "hard worker" with "passionate," "proactive," "savvy" or "versatile." These all convey the same sentiment in a better way.


Assisted suggests that someone else did most of the hard work. Use a stronger term instead, such as, 
"completed," -"executed" or "facilitated." These words show you actually did something.


Familiar is a weak word. It implies you only know a little. Instead use "competent," "strong" or "proficient."

People oriented

What does "people oriented" actually mean? Prove your people skills by using words like "collaborated," "cultivated," "directed," "fostered," supervised" or "trained."

Remember, your resume is a marketing tool. You need to use strong words to convince the reader they should bring you in for an interview.