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Tried and true tips from a Career Coach

Here are some tried and true tips to help grow in your current career, find a new career, and get a new job.

Growing in your current career

Ask for feedback - and then act on it.

Learn new skills to make yourself more valuable. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in your field.

Do more than asked and make your accomplishments known. Volunteer for projects.

Work on your 'soft skills.' Polish your collaboration skills, refine your communication skills and improve your personal productivity skills.

Make time to network every week. Seek out new connections. Offer to help other people.

A career coach will help you identify which areas of improvement will give the biggest return on investment, and help you locate the resources needed to improve.

Finding a new career

List your passions, strengths and motivators. The are some great online tests that can help.

Identify careers that overlap what you enjoy and what you are good at.

Talk to people currently in the career fields you have identified. This networking will also help you get another job.

Create a plan for moving to the new career field you have identified - and then take action.

Working with a career coach will speed up the process of finding the right career for you to pursue. A career coach can also help you ensure you make progress towards getting a job in your new career.

Get a new job

Tailor your resume to each position. List specifics that demonstrate you can do the job.

Make your resume easy to read. Use bullet points, bold key words and get someone to proof read it for you.

Learn about the company and job you are applying for. Their website is a great place to start

Research interview questions for the job and prepare answers to them. Google "interview questions for..."

Leverage your network. People with personal connections are more likely to be offered a job.

A career coach can guide you through the job application process to ensure the best chance of success for you - including negotiating a fair salary for your new job.

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