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Why hire a Career Coach?

Hiring a Career Coach is a serious investment both in terms of money and your time. 96% of people who have had coaching said they would do it again.

If you need some proof that its worth engaging with a coach consider this:

A 2014 study conducted on behalf of the ICF found that of those individuals who had received coaching:

● 80% saw improved self-confidence.

● 72% saw improved communication skills.

● 70% saw improved work performance.

● 61% saw improved business management.

● 57% saw improved time management.

Several studies have also found that coaching provides a $4 to $8 ROI for every $1 spent.

In addition:

● Nearly 90 percent of millennial say professional development opportunities are critical when evaluating a job.

● A Manchester Consulting Group Study found coaching resulted in a 67% improvement in teamwork and a 61% improvement in job satisfaction (leading to increased employee retention.)

● An International Personnel Management survey found productivity improved 88% with coaching (versus 22% with training.)

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