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How to job search from home

There are many reasons you might not be able to leave home. Maybe you are snowed in, maybe it's "mud season," maybe your car is kaput, maybe there is a global pandemic going on. That doesn't mean you can't still look for a new job.


Use the time to work on your network. Networking contributes to up to 80% of all job offers. Connect with people on the phone. Set up video calls with close acquaintances to catch up. Reach out to people by email. You can use one of these email templates to get started.

Use Linkedin to network. Add connections. Update your profile. Learn more about using Linkedin in your job search here. Use regular social media to network too.

To learn more, read the complete guide to networking.

Elevator pitch

Work on your elevator pitch. If you don't have one - create one. If you have one, refine it. If you have refined it, create elevator pitches for different roles and situations. Learn more about elevator pitchs here


Work on your resume. Make sure it has all your work experience on it. All all your accomplishments. Go through and check you are using good phrases on it. Study other resumes and revise yours accordingly. Create different versions of your resume for different roles. Get someone to proof read your finished resume. Learn more about how to write a good resume here. Practice writing cover letters. The more you do anything you better you get at it. Look for some jobs and write sample cover letters. Learn more about cover letters here


Research interview questions and compose answers to the questions. Come up with answers to to challenging questions. Decide how you would answer "awkward" questions. Do mock interviews with friends by video. Do some research about company's you would really like to work for so you are prepared for the interview.

Apply for jobs

Look through job sites for positions you are interested in - and apply for them! Come up with a list of company's you would like to work for and trawl the job sections of their websites. Just because you can't leave the house doesn't mean you can't still apply for jobs!

A career coach can help you with your job search from home.

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