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Tips for phone and video interviews

It is very common for your first interview with a company to be over the phone. Or if you are interviewing with a company in another city or state they may ask you to have a video interview. Or maybe the whole country is shutdown for a pandemic. How can you ensure you have a good interview when its not in person.


Firstly, prepare like it was an in person interview. Research the company and what they do. Write out answers ahead of time to the questions you are most likely to be asked. Practice giving your answers. Think of questions you want to ask them. Lastly print out your preparation so its easy to reference during the interview.

Test technology beforehand

If you are having a phone interview, make sure you have a good signal in the place you will be for the interview. Try calling someone else. Get a headset so you sound better - and your arm doesn't ache after hold the phone to your ear for half an hour. If you have having a video interview try the tool beforehand so you know it works. Make sure you have a good network connection where you will be having the video call. Do a test call with someone so you know the lighting and acoustics are good. Join the call 5 minutes before it starts.

Dress for success

Whether the interview is on by phone or video - dress smart. Dressing smart will make you feel more confident and it will come across to the interview. If its a video call you will look more professional too. Smile as you talk even if its on the phone - it will come across in your tone of voice.

A career coach can help you prepare for phone, video and in-person interviews.

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