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Should I pause my job search during the pandemic?

As I write this we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools are closing. People are being asked to self quarantine. We are practicing social distancing. It is not business as usual.

So, should you pause your job search? The answer is a no. You should continue your job search.

Job applications

You should continue to apply for jobs online. Companies may not be interviewing in person at the moment but by having your information in the system now, they will know who you are when they are ready to start interviewing again. Also, completing job applications is a skill like any other, the more you do it, the better you get. So, yes, continue applying for jobs.


If you have more time at home - use it to polish your resume. Update your accomplishments. Add numeric proof. Tweak the wording to use action words. You can find more tips on resumes here.


This is the big one. Studies suggest that up to 80% of jobs are found because of networking. Use this time to boost your network. You may not be able to meet people in person because of social distancing but there are many other ways to network. Send emails to see how people are doing. Forward links you think they may find useful. Comment on social media posts. Send a quick text message. Connect with people on Linkedin. You can find more tips on networking here.

A Career Coach can help you continue your job search during the pandemic - and we can even help you by video call for social distancing.

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