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How to phrase a "I need a job" social media post

One of the first things people often do after losing their job is post on social media saying "does anyone know of companies in my industry that are hiring" or "let me know if you hear of any companies looking for someone with my area of expertise." The problem with these type of posts is they are too vague. The reader knows that you are looking for "a" job but they don't know what exactly you do to help businesses or what businesses you can help.

A more effective post would include your "elevator pitch." An elevator pitch is a great networking tool that tells the other person exactly what you are looking for.

How to create an elevator pitch.

  • Start with a one line explaining who you are.
  • Then describe what you do.
  • Move on to what kind of company you want to work for.
  • Explain what is unique about you.
  • Finally, tell them what you want to happen next.


An example would be: "I lost my job today and need your help finding a new position. I am an experienced accountant with 20 years of experience working for a big 4 company. I am looking to move to a local business in the metro area. I really want to use my tax experience to help a company maximize their investments. Do you know anyone I should talk to?"

A career coach can help you use social media to find your next job.

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