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Diary of a job seeker

If you are currently unemployed "they" say finding a job should be your job. But what do you do all day? First of all, don't think you "should" work on finding a new job for 8 hours a day every day. A recent survey found the average office worker only does 3 hours of productive work in a day. So if you spend 4 hours a day looking for a new job you are getting more done than most people! What should your diary look like though?


Get up. Get washed and dressed. Have breakfast. Follow as much of a normal working routine as possible when you are unemployed. Getting washed and dressed will keep you motivated. Dressing up in smarter work clothes has been shown to boost peoples confident. Have something to eat to fuel yourself for work. Its hard to do anything when you are hungry.


Go to your "office." Set up a place to work on your job search every day. It doesn't matter if it's an actual office at home, your kitchen table or your local coffee shop. It is important psychologically to have a familiar place to work. Look for new jobs to apply for. The sooner you apply for a job after it has been posted, the greater your chances of your application being seen. Keep a list of job boards (EG and and company websites to look at. 


Applications, follow ups and preparation. Apply for new jobs you have found. Remember to tailor your resume and write a custom cover letter for each position. Reach out to anyone in your network who has contacts at the company. Take some time to follow up on applications you have already submitted. Do some research on companies you have applied to so if a Recruiter reaches out to you, you can make yourself stand out as a candidate.


Take a break. Have a snack. Get a coffee. Take a quick walk. Do some exercise.


Self development time. Work on yourself. Boost your skillset. This will keep your brain active. It will show interviewers you are using this time wisely. Practice existing skills. Keep your brain sharp.


Network. Use this time to work on your network. Interact with people on Linkedin. Comment on peoples posts. Send emails and text messages. Go for lunch with people.


Leave "work." Go do some chores. Complete a task from your todo list. Get something done so you feel like you have accomplished something.

A career coach can support you through the job search process.

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