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How to write a cold networking email

You mention to a friend that you are looking for a new job and they say "ooh, you should talk to this person. Here is their email." What on earth do you say to them?

Here is a good template email to use.

SUBJECT: FRIEND suggested I contact you

Good afternoon,

I hope this email finds you well.

As you may know, my current position recently came to an end and I am in search of a new AREA role.

I would describe myself as SUMMARY and my experience includes AREA, AREA, AREA and AREA.

I have attached a copy of my current resume and my LinkedIn profile is also up-to-date:

FRIEND described you as a great person to talk to. Could we meet for coffee next week?

I can be best reached by email at EMAIL.

Best regards,


A career coach can help you with networking strategies.

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